Corine_v_voorbergen 1.jpg

My name is Corine and I am fascinated by colors, shades and nuances. Both in my creation and in "real" life and for as long as I can remember. When I went to study at the IVKO (Individual Continuing Art Education) it felt like coming home. In every way.

In addition to my great love for art, I am also a fan of spontaneity. No plan is the plan. I prefer to start my creations as blank as possible. I like to start in the same state as my work: fresh and new. Although I determine the colors, shapes and techniques in advance, the end result is always a surprise. That makes every work unique.

Because the end result remains a secret until the very last moment, my art not only gives me satisfaction as an artist, but also the jitters. In the best possible way. The kind of jitters that you felt as a child if you had put your shoe/sock for Sinterklaas/Christmas. What do you find next morning? Was it what you were hoping for or something completely different? And doesn't that surprise actually make you equally happy?

Although I have mastered most of the techniques after long practice and testing, the materials I use can never be fully controlled. In that respect they are comparable to real life. Dynamics, circumstances, chemistry - the end result is partly determined by factors that lie outside of my creativity. The journey of discovery starts after I have cast the work and all the ingredients (epoxy, acrylic paint, pigments, mediums) keep moving until they are completely cured. The work determines the tempo and its final shape itself. I then finish it with the golden edge it deserves.